Nerd Force Star Wars Campaign

Combined Group, Episode I

Return to the Clone Wars

December 10th Recap Outline

1. Reactor room fight (droids, extendable bridge).
2. Coolant tower hazard (coolant leak, radiation, droids).
3. Find way to hangar skill challenge.
4. Security checkpoint (assassin probe droids, randomized gravity due to station break-up).
5. Hangar (Garue, Mar Zena, entourage).

Please provide your first-person account as a comment on this thread. As always, I will provide 500 bonus XP for a substantive account.


Mozenrath: Wow. Busy day. Lasted about a year, but still, busy day. It all started out when we set the huge space station (that I have dubbed the “Death Cube”) to self-destruct. This female voice said over the intercom, “Two minutes until self destruction, evacuate.” 1. Why is she telling the mindless droids to evacuate & 2. Why was there a countdown program on that computer? Suddenly, Oou-Jaaive the Jawa came and teleported everyone away with this little dark-side, time-bending artifact called the Telechron. Me and about half of my companions ended up in the middle of the Great Sith War, circa 3000 years ago. We stayed there (mainly on a swampy-swamp world) and had a years worth of expiriences. Most of them were bad. I finally found that mechanic Nadon was looking for, and convinced him to tag along for the ride. We also found this force-sensitive yodeler, whose voice decimated all who listened. Quantar made his most useless plan while we were gone (it was a good thing it never happened in this time). We ended up finding out how to destroy the telechron, (which we did), and we also ended up messing up the past quite a bit. After destroying the telechron, we ended up going into a bright light.
Fast Forward 3000 in the future (aka the Present): Suddenly, we’re back to where we were. This female voice said over the intercom, “Two minutes until self destruction, evacuate.” 1. Why is she telling the mindless droids to evacuate & 2. Why was there a countdown program on that computer? (deja vu?) Anyways, I had a headache for a second, but it passed quickly as I leaped into action, taking out quite a few droids along the way. I waited a bit for the rest of my comrades to come escape the reactor room, and then exited into the hallway.
The hallway ended in a powerful waterfall, which quickly swept most people off their feet into the water below. While I, Tekton, Flavio, and this Twi’lek were floundering around in the water, Si, Herdor, Kiray, and Solu just left! #$%$#%! They could’ve help save a lot of time! But no. They just barged on ahead, without looking back to see if anyone else needed help. Only Vangar helped us get out of the water. Because of their idiotic actions, Tekton lost a leg. After stabilizing him in Vangar’s med-bed (Vangar jet-packed everyone out of the water), we went to go catch up with everyone.
We ended up in this security room. Turrets mounted each wall, and I had a bad feeling that not all was going to go well. Suddenly, the artificial gravity shifted, flinging everyone down (or was it sideways?) to the wall. The turrets started blasting at us (horrible shots, thankfully), and these spider-droids came out of the shadows on the ceiling/wall (I thought I looked there…). A few seconds later, gravity shifted again. And again. And again. And again. And it stabilized for a second, and shifted again and then yet again! Two people, that twi’lek (he seems to be a bit squishy) and a felucian (who I think is my little brother) ended up getting knocked out, and were like rag-dolls as the turrets fired upon their flailing bodies as the room went round and round and round. Si and I went back, got them (I got my brother, he got the Twi’lek), and with Vangar’s help (he again was the only one to stay to help!) we brought them into a stabilized hallway, and put them on the med-bed. After a few moments, they woke up.
And then we entered the hangar. Man, this Death Cube seemed so much bigger the last time we were here (or was it earlier today? I’m so confused…). We found Garue’s luxury star-cuiser, and Linwulf’s Barloz (It looks eerily like a tube of toothpaste…), along with Garue (I KNEW WE MESSED UP SPACE-TIME!) and his entourage fighting some Reupblican people. I tried seeing if he was any different than before, but he just ignored my attempts. I shouldn’t have done that. (probably) Trilivis attempted to shoot one of them with his bow (gave the mechanic a papercut), and then his gun; the twi’lek shot one with his big gun (dealt a little damage), and others did other stuff. But that wasn’t the worst of it. The Death Cube started to crack, as the internal reactors started to rip apart the ship. Solu failed to convince the Republican people to leave the destructing Death Cube, so I stepped in and convinced them (after one of them flew out into space) to come with us. Finally, it seemed like we all would make it.
I waited a little bit because Trilivis was lagging behind, but he quickly got a move on and boarded the ship. Soon, it was only me and Quantar left in the hangar, everyone else had boarded the ship. AND. THEN. QUANTAR. HAD. AN. IDEA.
Note to all: Never EVER allow Quantar to come up with an idea. Just…. Don’t. Life will be much much much much much much much much much much much much much much much much much muchmuchmuchmuchmuchMUCH more simpler. Enough said.
His idea was to keep the #$^#%^$#%@#$% STARSHIP from leaving the hangar by DESTROYING IT WITH THE FORCE. Good idea in theory, but not in practice. Not even YODA could do something like that. He tried doing it from afar, but decided he needed to be closer in order to do it. And then he had ANOTHER BRIGHT IDEA. He wanted to SCARE THE MECHANIC WHO WAS ATTEMPTING TO FIX THE ENGINE. So he went closer. About this time I think I heard Herdor start to cry. Now. There’s this huge fat sith lord hutt that wants us dead (and apparently has killed all of us already) and Quantar’s going to go CLOSER and WITHIN RANGE of this filty hutt. Just put two and two together. Unfortunately, Quantar can’t count to save his life. In fact, this error almost ended it. He got gripped by the hutt. No one wants to be gripped by a hutt. NO ONE. But, he went and got gripped. I had to pull him out of that situation, and he ran back and phased back into the ship. Garue’s ship then disappeared, and then Herdor jumped the ship to Coruscant.

Tekton: After running after Mozenrath into the bright light, I ended up in this high tech world. I must be in heaven. There are hundreds of droids. Space stations the size of lunar satellites. Solar transports that could hold oceans. I’m in heaven. Although I snapped out of it once the droids started shooting at me. We left the core power reactor (got jetpacked there by Grrbacca, nice chap who needs an anti-body boost), I wish it wasn’t exploding, I could spend weeks examining all this new tech, that reactor seemed to be of a special build. The radiation was weakening me, though.
After I escaped from the special reactor, I slipped in a waterfall (technically, it was a deluge of liquid coolant mixed with hard water, but waterfall would suit it better) and plunged into the choppy waves below. After getting roped up to this ugly lizard, we started to get out of the water, as the radiation slowly weakened me bit by bit. The water must’ve refracted the radioactive particles and concentrated them onto my leg, because I woke up in a beat up future-ship with my leg dead. I’m grateful that I didn’t receive any brain damage. That would be a major problem for me.

Combined Group, Episode I

Everyone wakes up from a nightmare. My awakening just brought me into heaven. There was a count down, a bunch of old friends and weird ‘old’ people, radiation, and best of all, prey. The sound of mechanical functions, voices, and marching; droids. I’m home again, of course first I have to survive an explosion. I shot stuff, was carried by a Wookie, and shot some more stuff. We exited the room and ran down the hall. We heard water and saw a water filled room with a waterfall poring down on the narrow walkway. Along the way, I got to here a bit about ‘plan’ issues with the other time travelers. Mostly, I heard about how Quantar screwed up a lot. In the waterfall room, about half the group fell into the water (not me), there were two super battle droids shooting down at us from a high window (which I shot), and the only person who fell in the water who came up with the GENIUS plan of SWIMMING THROUGH THE WATER TO THE OTHER SIDE TO SAVE TIME was Quantar. Let me say that again. QUANTAR. The rest were to lazy and had to be dragged by Vangar to the other side, which took forever. I would have helped, but that would have added more speed to the rope, and all the ‘swimmers’ would have lost their grip, even faster than with just Vangar pulling. We were running out of time. We rushed through the droid space station, and made a few mistakes, including me, and we ended up in a room. Not just any room though, a room that happened to loose its gravity control to someone like a droid. It was almost as if a droid built it, but anyways….As we entered the room, everything went spiny. We fell so many times that some of us (not me) became unconscious. Not only that, there were turrets and spider droids, and tiny spider droid swarms that attacked us with the accuracy of a droid……Everyone ended up getting to the other tunnel but Mozenrath and I. We ended up dragging the unconscious through that mess into the tunnel. After that encounter, we ended up in a hanger. In this hanger was a shoot out between a group of rebel human separatist pilots and Garue and his crew of annoying people who just won’t die; not to forget that the droid space station was collapsing and the floor was tearing apart. No biggy. We shot at them, they shot at us, separatist pilots joined us, Garue, the sissy he is let his new (soon to be destroyed, hopefully by me) droid pet take damage for him, Quantar almost committed suicide, Garue’s space ship teleported, our ship teleported, and we ended up outside the sight of a life time; Coruscant, not Imperial center, Coruscant. No biggy.

Combined Group, Episode I


We fought, and then I fell unconscious.


Well, Mozenwrath took the whole deja vu thing, and Si took the Sadistic Pleasure of being back in our time, so I’ll just tell it like it was.
Five things happened.
1.We were teleported back to what I call, the Circle of Life. A huge space station that Garue showed us moments before we escaped. We easily punched through the droids that were hampering our escape, and escaped. (Note to self, gloat in others faces that I was the only one who wasn’t damaged at all by the radiation.)
2.The Waterfall. There was a waterfall. So while our backstabbing teammates just ran across, I helped four of the guys who fell in the water, jetpacking them to the stairs so that they could rejoin us.
(Note to self:Ask Ciray if I can do medical tests on her unborn babies. They might’ve been harmed by radation.)
3.I was awesome as we looked for the Hanger. End of story.
4.We got to what I like to call: The Tumbler. A room with freaky gravity. But, our backstabbing teammates (Coincidentally it was the one who could ignore gravity.) left me Mozenwrath and Si to grab the unconscious teammates.(Note to self: I was the only one who didn’t take damage from the shifty gravity. Laugh in Herador’s face and tell him that I can ignore Gravity better than he can.)
5.We got to the hanger and PWNed Garue. Then we flew away. And were back at Coruscant. All in all, it was a good day.(Note to self: I took no damage at all. I am the best.)

Combined Group, Episode I

A Quick fp recap.
All of the sudden there was a white light and I woke up with a headache and a loud ringing in my ear. When the shellshock wore off we were back on the space station with loud alarms going off which wasn’t doing anything for my head then we noticed the others were back with us. We were thrown into combat as we were surrounded by droids we made haste to the way out. We arrived in what seemed like a control room then suddenly the gravity started shifing and we were tossed like ragdolls around the room. We finally made it out of the room after the battle and made it to the hangar another battle ensued and as we fought the whole station started to crumble around us so we convinced the soldiers to come with us and as we were boarding that fat core slime that I thought we killed and fed to his pets went toward the other. Quantar started attacking the ship and we ended up having a fun time getting him back into ours as the gravity lock turned off. Now i’m a bit confused and I await to see what time has in store for us.

Combined Group, Episode I

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