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Friday Group Story Arc (current)

Started 3/12/2012

I have started this thread to contain all of the posts and character-perspective accounts for the Current Friday Night story arc. Please enter all your eye-witness accounts here as comments to this thread. We will use this one thread until the story arc is completed and we re-adjust the groups. This will cut down on the clutter of so many different threads in the adventure log.



March 2nd, 2012

1. Jedi preseed the attack on the surface of the planet.
2. At the beginning of the attack, observed a ship leaving the tower and travelling to a different portion of the surface.
3. Landed all ground forces.
4. Engaged in combat. The turbolaser on the roof of the tower was severely damaging the Republic forces.
5. Trooper Si was shot down. Fortunately his ARC-170 was equipped with an ejector seat which he successfully landed on the surface. Si then ran and joined Quantar with Omega Force.
6. One of the AT-TEs was destroyed killing 25 troopers of Quantar’s Omega Force remnant. There are currently 75 troopers left of this elite unit.
7. Some Separatist reinforcements showed up.
8. The turbolaser canon on the tower was knocked out, but after a few rounds it began firing again.

As always, I will provide 500 bonus XP for a substantive character-view account of the session.

Friday Group Story Arc (current)

Back to Square One, Si:
Minutes after re-arming the ships and redeploying, we were on Peyatoin’s surface. Most of the fighters remained in orbit to fend off against more vulture droids, while four others and and the only remaining ARC-170 (of which I was its gunner) escorted the Corelian Sun. We spotted the objective; and large tower with a heavy turbo laser defended by hundreds of B1s and B2s, about a dozen crab droids, several armored tanks, and a few of what seemed to be AA guns. As the other commanders (the Jedi) landed the troops and the AT-TEs, we had agreed for the fighters to do a bombing run with our concussion missiles on the craft bellow. However, before anything could happen, a ship flew out of the tower and went off into the distance. It didn’t shoot so I didn’t pay much attention Instead of doing an immediate charge, I had the four fighters hold back defensively while my ARC swooped in with a missile and some fire power. I soon found out that those large barrels were AA guns as my ship retreated smoking. The fighters then moved up to be met by some droid fighters. Instead of heading into a run, I called for the fighters to hold back again defensibly to stay out of range of the AA’s while drawing the fighters closer. It worked, and with seconds, all of the vultures were destroyed except one with no casualties….yet. The one remaining fighter must have been the only one with a processor as it made a run and hit my ARC. An explosion later, I saw my life flash in front of me as the ejector seat was deployed, and I landed safely….barely. The pilot and co-pilot weren’t so lucky. I gave final orders to take out the AA’s and Turbo Laser which was doing some heavy damage to the now deployed AT-TEs. While on the ground, I noticed a bunch of pits that had been erupting from the ground. More were popping out with large booming quakes. One of the jedi noticed that the sounds were comming from the direction the ship from the tower went…. I then ran to the tanks where I know one of the jedi would be commanding. There I helped with orders, making movements more quickly and getting in a few more strikes on those ‘light’ armored tanks that were virtually taking no damage. Back in the air, the other fighters did decant job on the turbo laser and the AA guns by making a few piles of scrap. It looked like it was going well until the crab droids began doing some damage to our ground troops that had appeared out of a near-by woods. Along with that, several hail-fire droids popped up and began raining missiles on the our fighters, taking one out. Then, another group of AA’s appeared, and then the heavy turbo laser swirled back to life. Right now, things wouldn’t be so good, except for the fact that to Corelian Sun has joined the fight, blasting away at droids right above the tower. One shot should take out the heavy turbo laser, and the AAs are as good as scarp, but over the coms, I hear one of the younger jedi beginning to feel pretty beet, thinking that there is no more hope to win. I believe that a few more bombardments from the cruiser, the rearming of missiles for the fighters, and a decent follow-up by the AT-TEs and our transport ship (with a turbo laser of its own) should turn those scrap piles into scraped piles.

Friday Group Story Arc (current)

As we flew in to the drop zone I felt guilt for the men and women who died under my command trying to evacuate the ship during the battle in the atmosphere. “They would pay for what they did” I thought as we drew nearer to the LZ, the clones we had brought dropped in along with us Jedi and we made our way to the trees. As the clones, Herdor and I reached the treeline we saw the spire and all the defenses around it unfortunately they saw us as well, lucky for us most of the heavier defenses were focused on the ships and the dogfights that were taking place above us. Blaster fire rang out as crab droids approached, we were fighting hard when all of the sudden we heard a loud roaring noise then a crash. It was Si’s ship that had gone down I yelled over the comms but heard no reply, we fought on for what seemed like a lifetime. Eventually we heard Quantar say over the comms “Someone is running at the tanks” then we heard what sounded like Si’s voice say “Did you really think that they could take me out that easily?” “Not a chance” I said as I laughed. Eventually the turret on top of the spire went offline and we had them on the run or so we thought. As we were cleaning up the rest of the droids and ground artillery we started hearing a loud pounding noise coming from the east where we had seen a ship fly towards earlier then almost instantly reinforcements showed up and the turret came back online. Session end

Friday Group Story Arc (current)

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