Nerd Force Star Wars Campaign

Group Herdor, Episode XVI

1. Skill challenge to find the needed parts in the debris field and to recover the parts.
2. Attacked in vacuum/0-G by stormtrooper droids, and later by Clone War-era spider droids. Finally, the party was attacked by a Rancor, and the Queen (neither of which were wearing any protective/breathing equipment.
3. Party members were victorious in combat, discovering that the Rancor and the Queen were actually droids. The insides of the Queen began to glow, and then exploded.
4. The explosion began to accellerate while the party attempeted to out run it tthrough the debris field and asteroid field, while being set upon by Clone War-era Vulture droids.
5. The party then took a shot at the the Imperial Star Destroyer, hitting it. The ISD fired back, completely destroying the party’s ship. At that moment, the blast wave from the Queen overtook the party.
6. The party regained their senses, finding themselves on the reactor platform of the beta-Death Star with a battle raging around them and a warning blaring of iminent reactor core overload.


Describe the session from your character’s perspective and be awarded 500 bonus XP.

Group Herdor, Episode XVI

So, we were sent on a shopping trip by whatshisname, and decided that the broken ship was a good place to start. So we went to where it blew up, grabbed some pieces, and headed back to our ship. But, we were attacked by stormtroper droids, and some Spider Droids. They were no problem. Then the Bloody Red Queen came out with a rancor. We took her out, (I believe I did the final blow.) and discovered that everything on this planet was a droid! She was a droid, the Rancor was a droid, even the great food we had yesterday was probably a droid! Anyways, the queen exploded and we tried to escape the large explosion. But we didn’t and we ended on the death star. Where we started the whole thing.

Group Herdor, Episode XVI

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