Nerd Force Star Wars Campaign

Group Quantar Episode XV

1. On landing pad: Gandahar and Solu maintain the ship and download current astrogation data.
2. Fly ship to just outside of Gamorillian Sector. See a bustling sector. No large wall surrounding the sector.
3. Take a taxi to travel to the sector. Pay the taxi driver an extra 25 cr to get a tour of the Gamorillian sector. Solu and Gandahar become acquainted with the sector.
4. Solu and Gandahar were dropped off at the entrance of the palace.
5. Gandahar took a look for security. Saw some guards and holocams.
6. The two were approached by an ‘authorized vendor’ (authorized by the Gamorillians) wanting to sell spice, death sticks, or women.
7. Entered palace, attempted to get info from a computer info kiosk.
8. Requested a tour of the palace. Toured locatons of the archeological museum, the playground, the government offices, the residential portion, and the luxury market. Solu and Gandahar decided to go back to the archeology museum, but found that it was closed.
9. Gandahar and Solu went back to ship at nightfall.
10. At this point, four members of the party, Quantar, Mozenrath, Solu, and Gandahar decided to attempt to penetrate the palace at night. So they flew the ship to a landing platform that was within sight of the entrance. The four of them went to street level, while Tekton stayed on call with the ship. The plan was to use Quantar’s abilities to phase into the palace, in order to find information about the time temple.
11. Quantar and Mozenrath used Cloak to get across the courtyard region (about 500 m across), while Solu and Gandahar stayed in sight to support.
12. Quantar entered the palace by phasing through the transparisteel main door. However, he alerted some guards (all Rodians) from shaking the door during his phase.
13. Mozenrath then Mind-tricked one guard to distract him, while knocking out another guard; however, the guard managed to fire his blaster as he was struck.
14. Mozenrath then changed shape into the guard he had just knocked out.
15. Other guards arrived and became suspicious.
16. Quantar attempted to slice the computer inside the palace. He failed miserably, setting off an alarm, and alerting the security forces to his location. Quantar then attempted to run, being noticed by the guard in the palace.
17. Gandahar and Solu began running accross the courtyard to support their allies.
18. More guard reinforcements arrived in the main chamber of the palace entrance.
19. The session was then concluded.


You will receive 500 bonus XP for a substantive, first-person account.

Group Quantar Episode XV

Me and the Ithorian decided to do a little scouting while the others rested, so we flew the ship as close to the Gamorillian sector as possible and hailed a cab. We got a tour of the sector for a few extra credits then got dropped off at the palace. Immediately the Ithorian started to notice the surprising lack of security there when all of the sudden we were approached by a Rodian by the name of Kevin who offered to sell us Drugs and women, we declined politely but he gave us his card and said don’t buy from anyone else because he was one of the only ones who was authorized by the Gamorillians to sell. We then made our way into the palace and I noticed the layout was different from before, we then found an information kiosk and requested a tour. A Little robot hovered over to us and said good day I am t0ur and I will be your tour guide follow me please, we went on the tour and went back to try to look at the archaeology museum but it was closed so we decided to head back to the ship. When we got back to the ship we told the others everything that happened in our scouting mission and after much deliberation and explaining to the shapeshifter we devised a plan to get into the palace. We flew the ship to a landing pad that was as close to the palace as possible and as we left the ship a snooty looking protocol droid walked up saying something about a private parking fee, the shapeshifter tossed him a jewel and said will this cover it? The droid stood examining it for a few seconds then said yes this will be good for two days parking, we made our way to ground floor and enacted our plan. Needless to say there were some complications at the palace so the Ithorian and I ran up and tried to brush it off as two citizens trying to help when the guard pulled a blaster rifle on us and said move along. The Ithorian pulled out his heavy blaster rifle and said mines bigger I pulled out my heavy blaster pistol and it ended.

Group Quantar Episode XV

After a brief respite after those horrendous hogs invaded our interplanetary shuttle, I ascertained that I was abandoned at the aerodynamic transport. This made no sense whatsoever, for there were already three other associates residing in the shuttle and one captive detainee in the incarceration penitentiary, three of which were thoroughly able to bulwark the vessel. Thusly, I utilized the allotment of time that had procured itself by scrutinizing the intriguing electromagnetic pulse-emitting diode, or E-MED as I have cognominated it. This enthralling novelty may appear to be a kokshut item at first, but upon closer inspection it has the quiescent ability to eradicate the electronic potential of any mechanized species that it may contact; even if the point of contact is just a modecum of the original species. Further inspection of this abnormalty is required before a definite assertion can be attained. -Mechanical Musings Entry M-¶╒þ╬, Tektonaeneanqui’sipsummor’tiferumphron

I felt bad about leaving Tekton all alone back at the ship, but then I realized he’d be fine, there was that restraining-bolt-thingy that probably had him pretty excited. Heh, just wait until we get back in the Clone Wars, he’ll have a heyday. After Gandahar and Solu came back from Tourist City (Note to self: Buy amusement park as cover-up for future organization), they told us that the Temple of Time was located in the basement of the archeological museum, and that we had to sneak in there in the middle of the night. Somehow, they convinced me to park in the valet parking and made me have to give a snooty droid a beautiful pearl. Humph. Anywho, Quantar and I cloaked and attempted to get inside the building. Quantar, for once in his life, made a mistake that was very unstealthy, and caused a loud gonging sound happen when he entered the large transpari-steel doors. Embracing the distraction, I quickly mind tricked one of the guards to look away, while I knocked one of the other guards out, replacing myself as him. Right as I was making the slain guard an evil sith lord, Quantar turned on the alarms, and set the entire facility ablaze with their frenzied cries of “INTRUDER ALERT! GET HIM!” Good old Quantar. The other guards came over to me, and I distracted them for a moment while Gandahar and Solu ran up to the entrance. I convinced one of them to believe I was on his side, but the other one was very skeptical, and leveled his blaster at me. I’m still trying to talk him out of killing me, because that would ruin my plans quite a bit now, wouldn’t it?

Group Quantar Episode XV

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