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Recap of October Session

This is a thread to allow each of you to recap the October f-t-f session. Providing a substantive recap will earn your character an extra 1000 xp. So don’t miss out on this XP opportunity!


Here’s my recap form what I can recall my memory is a bit fuzzy due to a stun blast to the back
Garu called us to his chambers, the fat slug finally had some work for us.
He informed us of a plan to help him and get back at the Empire at the same time which was good, I was going a bit peculiar sitting doing nothing on the festering stinkhole of scum and villainy. We had to go to some planet and do something about some pirates, I didn’t listen to the plan much I just went along eagerly anticipating the chance to get some payback.
We made our first stop at some building where we got a holorecording of some lady telling us where we needed to go. We made it into the building unfortunately I needed to hand my weapons over to that alcoholic Twi’lek so they wouldn’t get confiscated, it was a huge risk considering while I was in the building he could’ve run off and sold em for money so he could go drink himself into oblivion, given the chance I’m sure he would’ve too. So we made it inside and were escorted to the top floor office and were met by some midget I didn’t much listen to what he had to say I kinda let my mind wander then all of the sudden the alarms went off(I think) the midget turned on the security feed and a man looked into the camera and said he planted a bomb then he left(again I think). Everyone started evacuating and running down the stairs fighting the crowds while me and the lizard stayed up in the office, he punched at the glass when I saw it had no real effect I said “Here allow me” and used move object on the glass forcing it out. We jumped out and jetpacked safely to the ground floor, as we made our way to the building we saw the drunkard Twi’lek surrounded by security guards. We went up to try and help and they pointed their guns at us and yelled “Get on the ground!” I said “Wait you’re making a mistake he’s with us” the drunk got on the ground and the lizard said something that I can’t quite recall. They yelled “This is your last warning get on the ground!”, the lizard reached for his comlink and before I could say anything or get on the ground I felt a stun blast to my back then fell to the ground. We somehow got ahold of Si and their superior and got this mess sorted out. I Finally made it into the building, into the loading areas where the other team had started searching and started helping them locate it. The Kerkoidan who’s name currently escapes me located the bomb in the hands of a loading droid, me and the Bith ran over to the droid and I managed to disable the droid so it couldn’t move. In from the front door walked the man from the security cam footage and some lackeys, he tried to stop us but was unsuccessful as me and the Bith were able to disable the device. The leader fled into a cargo truck and from what a heard a pretty epic chase ensued. I Don’t know whats next to come but what I do know is the next rent-a-cop that shoots me in the back is going to get his head ripped off.

Recap of October Session

Excellent Sam. Though I might disagree with some of the specifics (I’m pretty sure the security vidcams show that Solu didn’t promptly and properly respond to the officers’ commands – just sayin’). :)

Recap of October Session

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