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Saturday Group Story Arc (current)

Started 3/12/2012

I have started this thread to contain all of the posts and character-perspective accounts for the Current Saturday Night story arc. Please enter all your eye-witness accounts here as comments to this thread. We will use this one thread until the story arc is completed and we re-adjust the groups. This will cut down on the clutter of so many different threads in the adventure log.



Outline of Saturday night’s session:

1. The ship abruptly came out of hyperspace, causing characters to lose their footing and fall. Also (as it turns out) it turned the cargo bay into a mess. The ship came out of hyperspace in deep space, not near any system, but in the same quadrant as the Zonju system. Some of the party realized that at this location, there is little hope of a passing ship that might receive a distress signal.
2. The abrupt exit from hyperspace also caused a stow-away to fall out of one of the cockpit escape pods. The individual is a female Fosh.
3. The ship then lost power, leaving the party in total darkness.
4. The party went to the cargo bay to investigate.
5. The party came under attack by a hidden sniper as well as the Feeorin.
6. The Feeorin was first pinned by Vangar, then taken down the CT by a well-timed DP from the Fosh. Finally Vangar was able to take the weakened Feeorin to unconsciousness. The then killed the Feeorin with a coup de gras attack (thus earning him his first DSP).
7. The sniping character escaped to one of the forward lifts to the cockpit. Mozenrath followed, but was unable to immediately locate him.
8. Artificial gravity was lost on the ship. This induced space sickness in the Fosh.
9. The session then ended.

As always, I will provide 500 bonus XP for substantive descriptions of events from your characters’ perspectives.

Saturday Group Story Arc (current)

Well, things seem to have taken a turn for the worse. I am stuck in an elevator. Anyways, today started out with a surprise stoppage of the ship causing everyone but me and the crimelord to fall on their bums. Even the robot fell on it’s posterior(do robots have a posterior side? Ask Mr. Past Mechanic about that later) and it was in it’s seat-belt! Anyways, the passengers got a bit concerned, so they all left their rooms. Being the charismatic person that I calmed them all down, explaining the situation to them in a calming way, informing them that, ‘Stay calm! I’ve done this before on my various jobs for the Republic and the Separatists!’ (Note to self, did better job there deceiving them than I did before. Like I didn’t have to roll a deception check there or something…) Then a stowaway decided to come out of the captain’s quarters. And everybody assumed it was the assassin. (I hate having to be crowd control.) After calming them down again, I managed to get the remaining Duros to start piloting the ship in an attempt to get us to wherever we’re going. The Chadra-Fan and Fov stood guard with their amazing perception, while me, the stowaway, the drunkard, the Crimlord, and the Mechanic, all went down to confront the assassins. To shorten things so that I finish this report before I get out of the elevator, I dodged everything, I pinned Mr. Stunny, stowaway stunned the stunner, I killed the stunner. Assassin used elevator to escape. I followed, and now I’m back where I started. In the elevator, waiting to get to the first floor.

Saturday Group Story Arc (current)

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