Mar Zena

A human Force user/dark sider


Species: Human
Gender: Female
Preferred Weapons: Blaster Pistol, Light Whip, Lightsaber, Armor from Peyatonite
Documented Force Powers: Force Lightning, Force Grip, Surge


Mar Zena is a human female who is quite capable in combat and is quite adept at using the Force – including Dark Side powers. While her background is unclear, she has been encountered in regard to the mysteries surrounding the Separtist mining operation on Peyatoin.

The party forst encountered Mar Zena on Peyatoin when Herdor Ceriad and his master Kit Fisto were tasked with investigating a problem that had developed on the uninhabited planet of Peyatoin. A republic outpost there had experienced mysterious problems with sensor equipment. Further investigation revealed that Mar Zena had been sneaking up to the sensor and using Force Grip to destroy it, all for the purpose of masking the major Confederacy mining operation in the planet core.

Subsequently, Mar Zena was encountered at the orbital manufacturing facility at Calypso. She escaped the destruction of the facility in a Ginevex class starfighter, which is a very unusual spacecraft. During this encounter, Mar Zena also displayed her excellent piloting skills.

She was again encountered on Nar Shaddaa where she battled a mixed group of Jedi and mercenaries in the Orange Lady Cantina. She was eventually captured in this encounter. Afterward, Jedi Mozenrath attempted to put her into a Force trance. He did not actually succeed in using the Mind Trick Force power to convince her to allow him to place her into the trance; however, she was able to decieve him into thinking that he had. She then placed herself into a Force trance causing Mozenrath (and everybody else) to believe that he had done it. She then escaped, and in the process captured Linwolf’s Barloz class freighter.

Mar Zena was not encountered again until after the party had returned from their alternate time displacements. She was encountered by Jedi Knight Herdor Ceriad, trooper Si, and Jedi Knight Solu on a landing pad on Corusant. She seemed to have changed, now wielding a lightwhip as her preferred weapon, and no longer wearing her Peyatonite armor. However, the lack of armor might simply have been to allow her to better fit in on Corusant.

Mar Zena

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