Nerd Force Star Wars Campaign

Group Herdor Episode XV

1. Level Ups
2. Arena Battle
3. Reception in the Queen’s Chambers – large party in a ballroom.
4. Hailed as the ‘Champions’, entered a large capital ship.
5. Ship took off into orbit of planet (near an asteroid field)
6. Crew were hailed by a large red triangle-shaped capital ship. Individual hailing them identified himself as Emperor Fel of the Imperial Remnant. He required the surrendur of the characters’ ship.
7. Herdor and Vangar, as representatives, took a shuttle to the red capital ship.
8. Herdor and Vangar convince Fel that they are there from the Clone Wars. Furthermore, Fel indicates that he is there from his own time.
9. The other characters of the party (as well as their ship) is transported to the Imperial ship.
10. At this point, automated systems on the original ship caused the planet ship to attack the Imperial ship.
11. Skill challenge of space battle. Succeed, however the Imperial ship is severely damaged.
12. Attempt to Fold Space on the Imperial Star Destroyer. Fail since the Force is limited in this realm.
13. Fel informs characters that they need to return to the planet surface to retrieve necessary parts for repairs to the ISD. He provides them with a datacard including a list of the necessary parts.

Group Quantar Episode XIV
Hive of Scum and Villany,!

1. Battle on the Nar Shaddaa landing pad continued.
2. Heroes defeated attackers, taking one of them prisoner (the rest were killed).
3. Heroes couldn’t get ship working.
4. Skill challenge to get security video from bank across the street. (succeeded)
5. Found the Ion Limpet stuck to the ship. Removed the limpet – ship powered up.
6. Gathered info re location of Gamorillian sector (with 3 aid another for Gandahar). Rolled a 29 – success. Now know where Gamorillian Sector is located. Now recognize where in the Gamorilian sector the palace is located (under which the temple of time is located).
7. Flew the ship to a different landing pad in order to rest and heal.

Group Herdor Episode XIV
Things are getting a little strange around here!

1. Started out all black, extreme cold, vacuum. Ship without power.
2. Three heroes moved to power core in attempt to restart the ship.
3. With help of Vangar and Si, Herdor discovered that the power core was strained. Cold continued to attack – affected Si more than the others.
4. Herdor succeeded in repairing power core (with assistance from others).
5. Vangar treated injury on Si.
6. Fov fell unconscious – close to death.
7. Vangar restarted life support and saved Fov.
8. Ou-Jave appeared in the ship.
9. Battle with Ou-Jave. Party (again) took him out easily by knocking him unconscious.
10. Put Jawa in escape pod and jettisoned him.
11. Observed a light in space (otherwise there weren’t even any visible stars) – appeared to be a star system. Flew the ship to the (apparent) system.
12. Landed on the planet away from a settlement they observed (primitive looking pyramids).
13. Met a Rancor who spoke basic to them. Welcomed the visitors from ‘beyond the void’. Said his name is Bantor and wants to bring the characters to meet “the great Phaliaunt” the ruler of the lands.
14. the rancors invited the party to a banquet. While eating Herdor used his light saber to cut fruit – rancors were amazed.
15. Met with witch doctor, then Phaliaunnt – who turned out to be Palpatine, but younger. Palpatine explained how happy he is that they are there. And he is looking forward to their fulfilling the prophecy.
16. Characters realize that there has not been day or night since they’ve been there.
17. Characters were told that they would go to “the battle”. Escorted by six rancors, walked through the jungle. As they travelled, the rancors were attacked by ‘monkey lizards’ from the jungle. One by one being taken (and presumably eaten) by packs of the monkey lizards.
18. The characters were captured and taken before the king (Kit Fisto), and the queen (a human female the players didn’t recognize). The queen welcomed the heroes as their champions, but required a test.
19. Heroes led into an arena where three large stormtrooper droids initiated combat with the party.

Group Quantar Episode XIII
On to Nar Shaddaa

Here’s an outline of the session:

1. On their way to Corusant, Quantar completed building his lightsaber (with the help of Jedi Artisan Belton).
2. The characters arrived at Coruscant to a heroes’ welcome at the Jedi Temple. They were each awarded a medal of valor for their contribution to the battle of Tanaab.
3. The characters met with the Jedi Council who agreed to support them in their quest for the Telechron.
4. The players went on a shopping/selling spree.
5. The party traveled to Nar Shaddaa.
6. The heroes attempted to locate where the time temple was (in the future). However, the planet looks very different than it did in the future. They failed miserably.
7. The heroes landed on Nar Shaddaa. While planning their next moves, they were ordered out of their ship by a group of Rodians and Gamoreans. Combat ensued.

Please include your character-perspective accounts as comments to this thread. As always, I will award 500 bonus XP for a substantive entry.

Group Herdor Episode XIII
Korriban, Arrival...and...Departure

Outline of session events:

1. Hyperspace to Korriban,land there.
2. Traverse the ‘dry lake bed’ canyons.
3. Encounter packs of Sith Hounds.
4. Attacked by Terentatek (creature was defeated)
5. Encountered Ou-Jave whose eyes glowed red. He said, “I told you to leave! The Telechron is mine!”
6. Found stairs up mountain side. Walked up. Ou-Jave ambush. Herdor knocked him off the stair, then he was knocked unconscious by Si.
7. Arrived at mountain top temple. Discovered the Telechron was there.
8. Emperor Palpatine and his apprentice, Darth Yoda appeared.
9. Herdor performed Sever Force on the Telechron. It began to pulse with light.
10. The party attacked Palpatine and Yoda.
11. The ship showed up (it was following a shuttle it spotted). The characters boarded and the ship sped away.
12. The Telechron exploded. The blast wave overtook the ship.
13. The session ended with the characters in complete darkness.

Please include your character-perspective accounts as comments to this thread. As always, you will receive 500 bonus XP for your substantive entries. Thanks!

Play By Post
New People, New System

OOC: I’d figured someone ought to post the die chart somewhere, so here it is:

Die chart

Also, for those of you who don’t know, OOC means Out Of Character, and is used to indicate that you yourself are talking (Parker). There is also IC, which is In Character, which means your character (Mortip) is talking/doing something.

IC: While his comrades are busy interrogating their prisoner, Mortip rummages around the soldering remains of the second group. “How unsymmetrical,” he thinks, and starts lining the bodies up in a line, and starts sorting their possessions from most damaged to least. (He loots the bodies of the burnt group while the interrogation was happening.)

OOC: So I guess this would be a perception check. I got Cunning 3, and a perception of zero. Originally, searching for an item was surveillance, but since they got rid of surveillance and said perception and computers would compensate for it, it’s now perception (because Computers would be just stupid.

If you look in the top right-hand corner of the website, there’s a pair of dice. If you click on it, a dice roller app will pop up, which, when combined with the conversion chart, will allow us to do Play by Post games pretty well, even if we do not have any sort of dice at home.


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