Nerd Force Star Wars Campaign

Play By Post
New People, New System

OOC: I’d figured someone ought to post the die chart somewhere, so here it is:

Die chart

Also, for those of you who don’t know, OOC means Out Of Character, and is used to indicate that you yourself are talking (Parker). There is also IC, which is In Character, which means your character (Mortip) is talking/doing something.

IC: While his comrades are busy interrogating their prisoner, Mortip rummages around the soldering remains of the second group. “How unsymmetrical,” he thinks, and starts lining the bodies up in a line, and starts sorting their possessions from most damaged to least. (He loots the bodies of the burnt group while the interrogation was happening.)

OOC: So I guess this would be a perception check. I got Cunning 3, and a perception of zero. Originally, searching for an item was surveillance, but since they got rid of surveillance and said perception and computers would compensate for it, it’s now perception (because Computers would be just stupid.

If you look in the top right-hand corner of the website, there’s a pair of dice. If you click on it, a dice roller app will pop up, which, when combined with the conversion chart, will allow us to do Play by Post games pretty well, even if we do not have any sort of dice at home.


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