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Back to Square One, Episode 2

1. Regroup.
2. Debriefing.
3. Space Battle.

(NOTE): Due to the fact that I have made this post,and not the GM, I cannot guarantee the usual 500xp bonus for commenting on this post.


(Don’t worry, I’ll still make a comment from Si’s point of view)

Si: So the day began like any other. I woke up inside an air speeder with pains everywhere, like I was hit by a…You know what, lets not try to remember what happened. Anyways, Herador, Solu, and I returned to the Jedi temple and met up with Quantar. We waited a few days, upgraded our gear,(I know Herador was trying to make something. A dog collar maybe?) traded stories of our time traveling adventures, and met a Clone Admirable. Unfortunately, his presence reminded me oh my recently lost job. Along with many mercs, I was the only Clone to lose his job (and most of all, the government benefits!) I was kind of out of it when he told us about a mission..blah blah blah. So my Jedi friends, who are now my new roommates, and I went off to debriefing. It was nice. They told us about a mission that they had low resources for, little recon of, and, of course, that they needed us to do it for no pay (I finally know what those plastic cards are used for now!). So we went of to this planet, which was in fact, the same planet I had met Herador on along with one of our strongest enemies. As we came out of hyperspace, we engaged into combat with around thirty vulture droinds and tri-droid fighters within six seconds. I lost all of my wing men mainly due to bad timing of reinforcements and miscommunication, but there weren’t very many surviving droids either; around four. Afterwards, we began planning our attack on a tower, which was clear to be the main command point for the Sep’s operation on this planet, (which we had learned that they were using special ore from the planets core to build a space station, but even though we destroyed the station, they Sep’s had used it to make stronger droids, armor, and other machines before. In fact, my armor is made from that stuff). We are now in the middle of planning to infiltrate the once stranded clone and Jedi occupied base (Yes, Herador and I used to live here, along with Gamma Squadron, who are on this mission with use. One big reunion), which has been quite boring. My plan is either go in guns blazing, or use the secret entrance to get past outdoor security, big tanks, large numbers of troops, and loss of life (We may not have the same job, but Clones are still my bros). I mean, we only have to go through four to five stories of droids, and an ammunition locker. If we don’t do any of those plans, we could always use escape pods to get onto the towers roof and work our way down; either way I’m happy. I don’t think this should be too hard….

Back to Square One, Episode 2

I don’t mind at all that you guys start your own recap threads here. In fact, please do since I’ve been pretty slammed at work lately.

Back to Square One, Episode 2

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