Nerd Force Star Wars Campaign

Group Quantar Episode XIV

Hive of Scum and Villany,!

1. Battle on the Nar Shaddaa landing pad continued.
2. Heroes defeated attackers, taking one of them prisoner (the rest were killed).
3. Heroes couldn’t get ship working.
4. Skill challenge to get security video from bank across the street. (succeeded)
5. Found the Ion Limpet stuck to the ship. Removed the limpet – ship powered up.
6. Gathered info re location of Gamorillian sector (with 3 aid another for Gandahar). Rolled a 29 – success. Now know where Gamorillian Sector is located. Now recognize where in the Gamorilian sector the palace is located (under which the temple of time is located).
7. Flew the ship to a different landing pad in order to rest and heal.


As always, I will award 500 bonus XP for a substantive account from your character’s perspective.

Group Quantar Episode XIV

After finishing off one of the gamoreans, I went outside to help Quantar fight the rodians outside. He had slammed them into the ground a few times, but he was going to need a bit of help. However, one of the gamoreans came out, hoping to finish me off. I promptly sent him back into the ship, and Fio finished him off. Quantar and I then finished off the rodians, leaving only one left. This one Fio bindercuffed to a dead guy, and they began to loot the bodies. I just found a data pad and encrypted comlink on the rodian crime lord, and I threw those to quantar, because he might be able to figure out some stuff from them. Tekton came up and told me the ship had been blasted with ion cannons, it seemed, so I went outside to see if there was any place that might have security cameras or something. After asking around a bit, I found that there was a bank over on the corner, in sight of the ship. So I went inside to see if I could learn any additional info. The manager caught me, so I asked him if I could get a job. He rudely refused me, and kicked me out of the shop. Thus began the task to rob the bank.

Group Quantar Episode XIV

I’m guessing I was unconscious for this past encounter so here goes. I Was charging to the back of the ship when all of the sudden I slipped in some grease then fell and hit my head.

Group Quantar Episode XIV

No, you were fixing the ship, and did not tell us that the ship had been ionized

Group Quantar Episode XIV

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