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Star Clues

Sure, since Caleb/Si posted one for him, I might as well post one for us. This is for both this and last session, but with no XP guarantee.

  1. Group gets back together
  2. Murder on a Ship
  3. Another Murder
  4. Attempted Assassination


Finally back to the present! Unfortunately, I never get any amount of rest. Right as I got back to the Jedi temple, I’m called to the Jedi Council. Apparently Herdor, Quantar, and Solu spilled the beans about EVERYTHING. Including the little fact that I’m a shapeshifter who’s been deceiving the Jedi Council for YEARS. Master Yoda wasn’t too happy about that. Neither was anyone else. So, now I’ve been “unofficially” kicked out of the Jedi Order. So now it seems like me, Si, Vangar, Grrbacca, Zek, and Linwulf have all lost our jobs. And along with what happened in the future, I think there’s something fishy going on around here!

As I was leaving the Jedi Temple, I made one last stop in the garden. For some reason, the main fountain was not running, and there seemed to be a huge hole in one of the tanks of water (which was empty). Herdor must’ve been here. I took one last look around, and saw Vangar and that Twi’lek (Fa, I think) talking with some republic agent. As I walked up to them, the agent motioned over to me and told me that I was being assigned to a mission with those two. The mission had low resources and low backup, but was very important. Seeing as I had nothing to do and nowhere to go, I accepted the mission.

The agent, Gandor from the RIS (Republic Intel Service), told us that there was a certain someone who had died of mysterious causes. The thought was that it was an assignation, not just a normal death. That someone, unfortunately, was the only person that was able to talk to the natives on a strategic planet. Without him, there was no way the Republic could safely set up a secret base on that planet. My job, was to impersonate him and try to get the natives more friendly towards other republic people. The agent gave me a holo-vid of the guy to study. Vangar and Fa were to act as my body guards, and protect me as I went to the planet. There were also going to be two other republic agents going with us, but under cover as well. We were not supposed to know each other.

The republic had chartered us a ship to go on to a nearby planet, but we were left on our own to find someone who could get us from that planet to the target planet. After attempting to buy some weapons, we then boarded the ship and left. There were a total of 16 people on board, 3 crew, the two agents, me, Tekton, Flavio, Vangar, and fa, and six other passengers: two gotals, a three-eyed gran, two duros, a chadra-fan, and a bith-hating klatoonian. The crew had a Mon-Calamari captain, a Twi’lek second mate and medic, and a duros first mate.

The first day on the ship passed with nothing much going on. However, on the night of the second day, we found one of the republic agents murdered. As we asked around, we learned that two people had used this ship before, and that there had been another death about three weeks ago. Both deaths were human. Both had no noticeable signs of death. Both were perfectly healthy, other than the fact that they were dead. Since the person I was intimidating wouldn’t really get involved all that much, I just asked to eat different food, because it seemed to only effect humans. Even though I’m not human. And even though I knew it was an assassination. That night, Vangar found the other guy. Dying. The last thing he said was, “Three Eyes”. That could only mean one of two things: 1. The gran was the killer, or 2. The gran was another republic agent. Vangar searched his body, and found a holo-vid, just like the one they had given me. Only, this one had some extra audio. It was the RIS man Gandor telling the old guy to pose so I could have good shots of him to impersonate. And it was dated the day they assigned us the mission. In other words, he wasn’t dead. This entire trip has been mysterious. I mean, why send a person who’s just appeared out of nowhere, to a very important republic mission? (I’m talking about Fa from the Future) He has no public records, no day of birth, his parents are still kids! Why would the Republic send him on a mission? And if what Vangar says is true (about Palpatine being a Sith Lord and all)… This mission is probably a death trap.

Vangar told me what had happened, and I used the force to see if there were any other people, besides the crew and passengers, on board the ship. I sensed all 17 crew and passengers… and one stowaway down in the cargo hold. I went down to the cargo hold to see if I could find the stowaway. Vangar insisted that he go with me. As I tried to open the door, the twi’lek asked me via the intercom: “what are you doing” I quickly told him that I needed some medication from my bags, and that I would like to go down there and get it myself. The twi’lek told me that it was the ship’s policy to not allow any passenger down in the cargo hold. So he came down and got it for me. While he was down there, I used the force to see what was going around him, just in case I could find the stowaway. But, the stoaway was nowhere near the twi’lek, who promply got my item and came back up to give it to me. Thanking him, I went back to my cabin and fell asleep.

The next morning, at breakfast I asked the gran if I could talk to him for a bit after breakfast. He agreed, and I waited for him for about an hour. When I went to go check to see why he wasn’t coming, a human greeted me at his door. Apparently, that seventeenth passenger was this guy. I hadn’t noticed him before (which was natural, I wasn’t really seeing all that well this trip), and I asked him if I could talk to the gran. The gran was a bit sleepy when he came out, and was very grumpy. I tried to get on his good side, but he just brushed me off. I told him that the two people in the room across from him had both died. And that the last one to die said “Three Eyed”. The gran suddenly started yelling at me, saying that I was a worthless bigot who was racist against all gran, and punched me. Unforunately, he hit the pepper-shaker instead. I clumsily got out of the booth, and he tried punching me agian. Tried. I talked him down a bit, but he just kept on punching. He missed and missed and missed. I kept on trying to calm him down, but he just wouldn’t stop. Finally, he hit me, and gave me a busted nose, among other things. Man, I hate professional martial artists! (Vangar is an exception, ‘cause he’s a doctor) About that time, Fa came rushing out (Vangar wasn’t feeling too good because he stayed the entire night up). I glared at him, telling him to not get involved. The gran got some more fight in him, and started trying to beat me up even more. But, only one of his punches hit. The rest all missed. Thank the force, because those punches hurt! The intercom had gone off during the commotion, and soon the first and second mates had rushed in. Apparently the rest of the ship was watching from the hallway, blocking the back of the ship from view. The first mate and second mate tried to pry the gran away from me. But they couldn’t get him, and I continued to talk him down. The gran got pried off, and I finally talked him down. There went that lead. He was sent to the brig (med bay). I went back to my cabin to sleep it off.

Later, Fa and Flavio examined the agents’s room. The door was unlocked. And all throughout the room there was signs that someone had searched the room for something. Suddenly, flavio felt a prick in his neck, and next thing you know, he was starting to die. Fa got flavio, and started crying, “He’s dying! MEDIC!” Vangar woke up and carried Flavio to his room, when Fa felt a prick in his neck. “Now I’m dying too!” He stumbled into Vangar’s room, where Vangar quickly stabilized the two of them. By now a small crowd had gathered again in the back of the ship, of which I was a part of. They were loud! The Twi’lek medic moved Flavio into the med bay (sending the gran into the dead guy’s rooms).

I headed back to my cabin, but one of the duros’s broke, and took an escape pod and left; yelling that it was a death ship and that we would all die. That poor creature. Who knows where he is now. Never get into an escape pod in the middle of hyperspace. You’ll end up worse off than you were before. Those incidents convinced the captain to put the entire ship into lock down. Which was supposed to prevent any more deaths or breakdowns. Of course, it didn’t. About four hours after lock-down started, my door slowly creeped open. I had a vision of being shot at, and slowly dying because of poison.

Star Clues

Fov Repiv(Because he was awake more than Vangar…):
So, I’m finally back in my own time. Those nutters took me on one wild ride. Anyways, after Mozenwrath got called to the Jedi Order(He was a shapeshifter all along? He gots some ‘splaining to do!) us bountyhunters/professors got called to Captain Gree’s for debriefing. Turns out, that the Rebuplic doesn’t need any more mercs, (or professors) so they paid us, and sent us on our way. (I’m not complaining. They gave me money even though I technically don’t work for them.)
Anyways, we were then contacted by the IRS, who told us that we had some overdue taxes or something… So we quickly headed over there to pay those taxes.(I mean, we may be crazy enough to fight Darth Vader, Darth Yoda, and Emperor Palp, at the same time even, but even we aren’t crazy enough to take on the IRS…) Turns out, they wanted to hire us to impersonate somebody. Or something. So then we went shopping! Squee I bought an awesome attachment for my Cyborg Arm, now it’s a professional hacker too! Anyways, so we quickly got on the Spaceship, and headed on our way. The first day was nice… I got this really nice Chadra Fan as my roommate. Anyways, one of our oversee-ers was murdered on day three of the five day trip. (I personally think Fa-Forna did it, but I’m not telling him that. That guy is insane. ‘Oh look! A harmless Rancor! Let’s shoot it!’ Sigh The bugger…)
Anyways, Vangar investigated, and found nothing. So the guy was tossed in a fridge, and we all forgot about him. At least, until our other oversee-er was killed. Vangar quickly searched his body, and told the captain. Then it was back to bed for me and Vangar.

Star Clues

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