Fov Repiv

Fov is a former taxi pilot and current professor for group Herador.


“Leave it to me!” – Fov(Also known as Flavio)
Fov(better known by his nickname: Flavio) is a smart Bith, whose greatest weapon is his brain.


Early Life
Fov was a highly respected professor on Coruscant until his jealous assistant discredited him, leaving him jobless. He turned to working as a mechanic and a computer programer for a while. When those jobs started to go downhill he became a taxi pilot on Nar Shadda.

Adventures on Nar Shadda
Fov worked hard at his job, until he met a strange group. This group, which consisted of a Gurlanin Padawan named Mozenrath, a Nelvaanian Jedi named Herador and his wife, A Kerkoiden Jedi named Quantar and his human Padawan named Solu, a Clawdite pilot and mercenary named Zek Synder, an Ubese mercenary named Linwolf, a clone trooper named Si, a Barabell bounty hunter named Vangar, and a mercenary Wookiee named Grr-Baca. This group hired him to take them to the Gormilian sector, a seemingly abandoned sector that was ruled over by Garue the Hutt.

Fov Repiv

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