Mozenrath Xerxes

A powerful, pyromaniac, polymorphic Jedi.


Quote: “I don’t do anything stupid! Things just become stupid when I do them!”

Mozenrath Xerxes (Aka Jedi Knight Mozenrath Aldez) is a shapeshifting Jedi active during the Clone Wars era and the Old Republic Era. He is drawn to fire, and utilizes many fiery attacks. He is the first padawan to own a holocron. Only recently has his species been known, because of his precarious place in the Jedi Order. He has recently acquired a new mechanic, Tekton, as he tries to find his way home.

Early Years

When he was a young 9 years old, he heard about the Jedi Order from an old bounty hunter visiting the planet. Allured by the awesome tales of the deeds of the Jedi, he begged the old man to give him a ride to the Jedi temple on Coruscant. The bounty hunter agreed, and then took him off on his star ship. However, while traveling on the ship, Mozenrath learned that the Bounty Hunter planned to sell him off as a slave. As a result, Mozenrath tried to take control of the ship, which provoked the bounty hunter into attacking him. It was quickly ended when Mozenrath accidentally blew up the fuel tanks with his fiery powers, knocking the bounty hunter out. The ship then fell towards the planet below, Peyatonin.
After crashing on Peyatonin, Mozenrath woke up in the house of a local girl named Nadon Portant, who helped him recover from his ordeal. He told her what happened, and they turned the bounty hunter into the authorities, and received his bounty. After spending some on piloting lessons, Mozenrath gave the rest of the money to Nadon, saying she could use it better. Bidding farewell to his new found friend, he left for the Jedi Order.
The uneventful journey to Couruscant was a nice reprieve but the Jedi Order was extremely cautious about letting him join. He pleaded with the order to let him join, but in the end, they rejected him, saying he was too old. Dejected, Mozenrath began to fly back home to his parents and new baby brother, Trilivis Xerxes.
Nothing of worth happened for the next few years, but he lived happily with his parents and brother. That is, until one day, the old bounty hunter broke out of jail and came back for revenge. In a heated battle, the bounty hunter almost killed Mozenrath and his family. In a desperate, last-ditch attack, Mozenrath caused a fiery explosion and incinerated his house, bounty hunter, and family. Appalled at what he had done, he disguised himself as a human youngling and entered the Jedi Order to be able to control this fiery power. This time, he was accepted, taking on the name Mozenrath Aldez. Because of this, he was deathly afraid of someone finding out he wasn’t human, since he would get kicked out of the Jedi Order. He was apprenticed to Jedi Master Ma’dyam Illaria, who didn’t pay much attention to Mozenrath’s training, which was helpful in keeping up the charade.

|Years past, with Mozenrath quickly learning the ways of the Jedi, and he ended up becoming quite proficient in using the force. Soon, the clone wars started, and Mozenrath became busier than ever, being sent out on missions to all the corners of the Galaxy.

Clone Wars

Mission at Peyatonin

One of the last missions of Mozenrath Xerxes as a padawan was the mission to Peyatonin. Nadon Portant, who had became the senator of Peyatonin before the Clone Wars, was afraid of Separatist infiltration and corruption in her planet. She contacted the Jedi Temple to send someone Peyatonin and figure out where the separatists were and why they were there. In a strange turn of fate, the Jedi Council sent Mozenrath to help Nadon.
While investigating, Mozenrath came upon an aspiring Ubese bounty hunter named Linwulf, who decided to help Mozenrath ferret out the separatists. He had some information that some suspicious people came and went around this particular space station. Having no other leads, Mozenrath and Linwulf went to the station to find any separatist activity.
After infiltrating the station, Mozenrath heard someone call for help through the force. Following the voice, he found four pilots (called the BlackWing Squadron), a scientist, and a Jedi Knight locked up in cells. Linwulf and Mozenrath then proceeded to free the prisoners, and they helped them get their weapons back. The scientist, Noslo Leoj, told Mozenrath and Linwulf (who remained extremely suspicious of Noslo) that the separatists were using the space station to mine peyatonin alloy, a special ore that was extremely resilient and camouflaging.
After meeting up with the Jedi Knight’s padawan, Quantar, clone troopers Si and Jett, mercenary Zekk Synder, and Jedi padawan Herdor Ceriad; Mozenrath, Linwulf, and the escaped prisoners began to help them in to get out of the space station. After navigating through many battle droids, countless hallways, they came to a lava-spewing conveyor belt. While debating who was to cross first, they were accosted by several droidekas, which proved to be quite a problem to deal with, considering the treacherous terrain. They ran across, dodging all the towers of molten metal and droids, and ended up near the docking bay. Zek used his shapeshifting abilities to try to dupe the simple-minded droids, but they were not fooled, and attacked on sight. After smashing the droids, the BlackWing Squadron found their ships, Linwulf pioneered a Barloz-class freighter, and Mozenrath began preparations to leave in an Aethersprite Interceptor.
Once they left the docking bay, they began to bombard the space station in hopes of defeating the separatists. Once they had knocked out the shields and fended off the vulture droids, a Ginivex starfighter flew out of the station. Quantar identified it as his arch-nemesis’s: Morzenna, a female force-sensitive separatist warrioress. Mozenrath engaged her in a dogfight, and Si fired a homing missile at her. The missile exploded, and Morzenna just barely managed to avoid being vaporized to a floating toe. Wounded, she escaped into the corrosive space dust. They pursued her, but she was lost in the dust; and they jumped into hyper space, leaving the separatist droid manufacturing station in shambles.
Mozenrath and Morzenna dogfight

Dance With the Darkside

After a few weeks of normal temple life, Mozenrath was called by the Jedi Council because a fellow jedi padawan, Sydo Quarith, had stolen two holocrons, a sith’s holocron and Garnath Zarfa’an’s Holocron. The Jedi Council tasked Mozenrath with capturing Sydo Quarith (alive, preferably) and retrieving the holocrons. They tracked Sydo to Yavin 4, near some ruins. Mozenrath accepted the mission and flew to Yavin 4. After hours of searching for the dark Jedi, Mozenrath sensed a dark side presence on the surface of the moon, and landed near there. As he was walking through the thick jungle canopy, Mozenrath was ambushed by a pack of Tuk’ata Sith Hounds. Too late, he activated his lightsaber and began to fight the hounds. But, in the end, the Sith Hounds mauled him. As he was loosing consciousness, a dark silhouette appeared in his fading vision. He then blacked out, the evil dogs tearing at his corpse.
When he came to, he found he was in the remains of a Sith Temple. The dark side was so intense there, he could taste it, and left a bitter, metallic taste in his mouth. Over by a fire pit, Sydo was meditating with the two holocrons, which seemed to be arguing. Sydo got up, took the holocrons, and talked with Mozenrath. After a brief discussion, Mozenrath began to feel his will eroding away. A verbal battle ensued, which ended when Sydo blasted Mozenrath with lightning. Mozenrath shrugged off the attack and proceeded to duel Sydo, who tried talking Mozenrath into the dark side. He was already feeling the dark side, just being there seemed to tarnish him. After deft charge, Mozenrath knocked the dark Jedi out, and confiscated the holocrons. Finding that he didn’t have anything to bind Sydo with, he decided to cut off Sydo’s arms, so he wouldn’t be able to fight nor use the Force. He then stuffed Sydo in his Aethersprite, and flew off towards the Jedi Temple.
The Jedi Council was impressed with Mozenrath’s successful mission, and was even more impressed at the rescued holocron’s stubbornness. Since the holocron wouldn’t listen to anyone, they decided to see if it would listen to Mozenrath, since he saved it. If it worked for Mozenrath, he would get to keep it. When Mozenrath activated the holocron, he had a conversation with the gatekeeper, Garnath Zarfa’an. The gatekeeper told him that he was grateful that he saved him, and would tutor him in the ways of Consular Jedi, as long as he would keep him safe. Mozenrath deactivated it and gladly accepted this powerful token, and became the first padawan to ever “own” a holocron.
Many months passed, and Mozenrath spent his time meditating with the holocron and training in the ways of the force. It was around this time that he thought that he should make arrangements in the case his identity was found out. He knew that the Jedi Order would kick him out if they learned of his true identity, so he was becoming warier by the day, wondering when he would get found out. He decided to contact his old friend, Nadon Portant for financial help, in case he was found out, and she agreed to help him. They then began to build an organization that would specialize in custom-made weapons. They just needed an adept mechanic, one whose name would be remembered for all time.

Muunilinst Intrigue

Not too long after he contacted Nadon, the Jedi Council called him again, this time with his comrades from Peyatonin, for an emergency meeting. The council had found out that the separatists had been building some big important facility on the planet of Muunilinst, and was getting ready to execute thousands of twi’lek slaves. The mission was to save as many slaves as possible, and to eradicate the separatist presence on the planet. They were given the Republic Capital Ship, the White fang, and were also told that a new member to their posse, Vangar, would be waiting in its cantina. Unfortunately, Vangar was from a remote land and did not know basic, so they had to send for a translation droid so Vangar would understand what the rest of them were saying.
After an immense planning session, the White Fang jumped out of Hyperspace. Looming before them was a Lucrehulk-class battleship, guarding the separatist planet of Muunilinst below. Si, Herdor, Vangar, Kiray (Herdor’s newly wed wife), Linwulf, and a squad of clones jettisoned down towards the separatist facility in escape pods, while Quantar led the ground artillery forces to liberate the slaves. Zek and Mozenrath stayed up in space, directing the starship and capital ships.

Hive of Scum and Villainy

Sewer Diving

Garue the Hutt


Death of a Star

The Old Republic



The Hapes Con

Return to the Present

Character Sheet

Mozenrath Xerxes

Gurlanin Level 12
Jedi 7 Noble 4 Crime Lord 1
STR: 11 (1)
DEX: 18 (4)
CON: 8 (-1)
INT: 14 (2)
WIS: 17 (3)
CHA: 19 (4)
HP: 76
Reflex: 29
Fort: 22
Will: 31
Base Attack: 10
Acrobatic Strike, Fight Through Pain, Force Sensitivity, Force Training (x3), Martial Arts I, Silver Tongue, Weapon Prof: (Lightsabers, Simple, Pistols), Skill Focus (Use the Force, Deception)

Deflect, Force Pilot, Adept Negotiator, Wealth, Noble Fencing Style, Attract Minion, Master Negotiator, Force Persuasion

Force Powers:
Battle Strike, Cloak, Combustion, Convection, Farseeing, Hawk Bat Swoop, Makashi Riposte, Mind Trick, Move Object, Negate Energy, Rebuke, Surge
Acrobatics (15), Deception (20 (30 when impersonating)), Initiative (10),Perception (14), Persuasion (15), Pilot (20), Use the Force (20)

Mozenrath Xerxes

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