Vangar Sebatyne

Big, Strong, and ugly Barabell medic.


“And my axe!” – Vangar
Vangar is a dark brown Barabell bounty hunter that was born around the time of the Separatist Crisis.


Early Life
Vangar was born to the leaders of the largest clan on Barab 1, and coincidentally the clan that loved Jedi the most. Vangar, who hated Jedi, was banished at age ten after insulting Jedi ambassadors one too many times. He wandered around a bit, surviving on whatever he could find, until he found a band of rogue Barabells who hated Jedi. He joined them and for ten years lived with the Jedi hating nomads.

Around the age twenty Vangar was contacted by his parents. They gave him a deal, if Vangar could assemble a team of some of the strongest men to ever walk the earth he would be allowed to come back to his birth clan. Vangar, who desperately missed his family and friends, agreed and set out. But, as Vangar soon realized, it was hard to find strong men, and even harder to hire them if you had no money. So he turned to bounty hunting to pay the expenses.

Munilist Intrigue
After seven years of bounty hunting Vangar signed up with the Rebuplic and was sent to a cantina to rendezvous with his group. After arriving he met up with the group which consisted of a Gurlanin Padawan named Mozenrath, a Nelvaanian Jedi named Herador, A Kerkoiden Padawan named Quantar, a Clawdite pilot and mercenary named Zek Synder, a clone trooper named Si, and an Ubese mercenary named Linwolf. The group was sent to Munilist to free some slaves that were owned by Garue the Hutt. In order to do this, they had to take down the nearby Separatist base. They quickly came up with a plan; Mozenrath, and the Black Wing Squadron, took control of the space battle. Quantar took to the skies, hoping to rescue the slaves with a ton of Clone Troopers. Si, Herador, Linwolf, and Vangar, were sent down to disable the base’s anti-air weapons. Vangar and Herador landed together, and were immediately attacked by Sonic turrets. Herador ran to go disable one of the turrets, while Vangar was left behind to guard Herador’s two Clonetroopers, who were hacking a nearby door that led into the interior of the base. The Clones succeded, scrambling inside the building as fast as they could. The clones rushed to turn off the anti-air, while Vangar covered their backs while they worked. Vangar, after emptying the building of enemies, went out to go help Linwolf, when he noticed a large group of Seperatasts scrambling into an escape vehicle. Suspecting that they had set the base to self destruct Vangar quickly comlinked Mozenrath, who had a nearby protocol droid translate. After relaying the message Vangar met back up with Herador. They quickly received confirmation from Linwolf that the base was about to explode, and rushed to the meeting spot so that Quantar could pick them up. After the base exploded, and the slaves were freed, they were met by Yoda, who debriefed them on their next mission, knighted Herador, and introduced Kiray, Solu, and Grrbaka to the group.

Scum and Villainy
The group landed on Nar Shaddaa and were almost immediately caught when Quantar accidentally let loose the information that the group was part of the Grand Republic. Luckily Zek and Linwolf managed to smooth things over, and the group split up. Herador and Kiray went out to eat lunch, Mozenwrath and Zek went to the bank to change in the groups Republic Credits for the local currency, and the rest of the group investigated a nearby flash mob. The flash mob were all crowded around a, between an elderly Jawa and a local biker gang.

Vangar Sebatyne

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