Nadon Portant

Nadon portant

Nadon Portant lived in Peyatonin in the years before the Clone Wars. When Mozenrath Xerxes crash-landed a ship on her planet, she helped him get back to Coruscant after he was attacked by the bounty hunter. Mozenrath left her most of the bounty hunter’s bounty money when he left for the Jedi order, which she then used to begin her political campaign.

In the years following, she slowly rose in political influence until she was elected to be the Senator of Peyatonin, right as the Clone Wars began. After familiarizing herself with her new responsibilities, she realized that there was some shady dealings happening in Peyatonin. Worrying that separatists had major influence on her planet she contacted the Jedi Order and told them of her misgivings. The Jedi Order sent then-Padawan Mozenrath Aldez to the planet to help her ferret out the separatists. They were glad that they had found each other again, and they caught up with each other while going back to Peyatonin. En route, she and Mozenrath started making plans in the case his secret was fount out, and she agreed to wait until he contacted her. Back on Peyatonin, she went back to her senatorial roles, and wasn’t contacted by Mozenrath for months.

During these months, she found that not only was there a separatist space facility orbiting her planet, there were entire sections of the planet, dedicated towards the separatist’s ideals. Before she knew it, the separatists had control of her planet. Fearing what would happen to her if she rebelled, she quietly accepted her fate, and began to secretly work against the separatists.

When Mozenrath finally contacted her, she immediately began preparations for making an advanced weaponry organization, and started discreetly sending money to Mozenrath

Nadon Portant

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